Long Island BioTech Assets
Workforce Highlights


An essential part of a BioTech industry is the trained, motivated, skilled workforce. Long Island is blessed with several from the county to the State-wide level.


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Suffolk County Department of Labor

An innovative, dedicated organization with a solid record of success in building a strong community. They find and train the talents to power a strong economy.

On the Job Training and incentives for qualified companies are among the methods.


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Workforce Development Institute


WDI works regionally to identify targeted strategies that address workforce challenges, trends, and opportunities — BioTech on Long Island.

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Long Island STEM Hub

The Long Island STEM Hub, one of ten within the Empire State STEM Learning Network, is focused on preparing students for the Long Island workforce through enhanced STEM experiences for students and teachers.

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Long Island STEM HUB — Branching Out with Bio Video

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