About Our Organization

We are “boots on the ground” BioTech professionals who proudly represent BioTechnology and Medical Devices on Long Island.


Our focus is companies that produce products intended to help our patients and medical professionals.

And the local “Supply Chain” that provides subassemblies and services to our BioTech manufacturers.

Economic Development

BioTech-focused Economic Development is a magnet for companies and employees to grow and expand their technology and careers.

And convinces local leaders and providers that focus on the field will earn them and Our Island big rewards.


Part of our mission is making sure that the amazing “ecosystem” understands the benefits to them of a BioTech focus.

And reaches out to our members, associates, and employees to alert and convince them to take advantage of the rich array of ways our partners here can improve their firms and lives.


Influenced by

Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency and the Workforce Development Institute published a BioTech industry report.

One of the strong suggestions was the establishment of the LIBIO organization.

Below are a collection of other suggestions that initially influence the mission and actions of LIBIO.



LIBIO involvement!

A collaborative, practical industry-led organization and a strategy for the region that functions as a validated guidance intended to help support companies and provide good jobs to the region. .

Therefore — LIBIO!

 Existing research capacity and infrastructure focused on the life sciences, manufacturing, and health care and integrated with the public and private sectors.

LIBIO Influence and consult

Robust workforce and educational programs for incumbent workers, primary and secondary students, workers in transferable industries, the under- and unemployed, and recent graduates

LIBIO Influence and consult

Access to capital in the form of grants, loans and incentives from both public and private sources based on the needs of individual companies and the strengths of the region

LIBIO Inform

 Manufacturing capacity in the form of physical space that is up to date, available, and able to accommodate current and future manufacturing technologies and work environments

LIBIO Members

Specialized business incentives that encourage innovation and risk while also supporting the public good and the long-term health of the industry within the region. .

LIBIO Advocate and Collaborate

Industry representation to advocate and pursue grant opportunities.

Therefore — LIBIO!

Targeted, favorable state and regional policies that support existing businesses and creation of new ones

LIBIO Advocate with other organizations!

Public recognition of industry’s importance to the region and to the field of health care.


Formal and informal mechanisms that build community and promote collaboration and networking.

LIBIO’s mission


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