Long Island’s BioTech Assets

Long Island is an “ecosystem” of Bio Manufacturers and the “Assets” that support them.


Bio Assets

Select below to view the Assets” of Long Island Bio by category:

Academic Highlights

An essential component of any area with BioTech concentration is one or more institutions of higher learning that are not only excellent but have a focus on the Biotech disciplines. (Click to view)

Supply Chain

The Long Island area has superb BioTech Manufacturers who depend on a local “Supply Chain” of vendors who make or sell subassemblies, train, advise, perform services. In BioTech, an important quality is their adherence to a Quality System, hopefully one recognized by the industry. (Click to view)


An essential part of a BioTech industry is the trained, motivated, skilled workforce. Long Island is blessed with several from the county to the State-wide level. (Click to view)


Our BioTech industry is governed by the US FDA that requires a standardized Quality Management System (QMS) and adherence to regulatory standards. Long Island has some of the world’s largest consultants in this area as well as individual practitioners. (Click to view)


Long Island contains effective organizations, some dedicated to BioTech. They facilitate the improvement and growth of our region. (Click to view)


Long Island area is home to a number of world-class research organizations that have made seminal contributions to biotech as well as research branches of medical systems. (Click to view)

Medical Centers

The Long Island area has large medical center complexes, associated with universities, essential to clinical information and trials. (Click to view)


Long Island is the home to world-class design firms that have taken great ideas to innovative products tuned to help our patients and medical professionals and are here because of the amazing BioTech EcoSystem. (Click to view)

Bio Business Incubators

Bio Business Incubators are buildings where early-stage firms or product spin-offs from larger firms go to grow and innovate, with essential services supplied. (Click to view)

Industrial Development Organizations

Our hard-working Industrial Development Agencies that cooperatively help our Bio firms locate and grow. (Click to view)


Locations that help make Long Island THE place for “Bio”. (Click to view)


Our BioTech industry has many opportunities for financing, from early stage to Series A and IPO, all who need knowledge of our BioTech Industry.

Grants are a super, non-dilutive option from local, State, and Federal, particularly in the age of “Reshoring”. (Click to view)

Destination Long Island

In addition to the other amazing BioTech assets, there is … Long Island itself! (Click to view)

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