Long Island BioTech Assets
Quality/Regulatory Highlights


Our BioTech industry is governed by the US FDA that requires a standardized Quality Management System (QMS) and adherence to regulatory standards. Long Island has some of the world’s largest consultants in this area as well as individual practitioners. 


Benefit Fund Miami Beach

Underwriters Laboratory


With one of their largest building campuses in the world, on Long Island, UL is dedicated to healthcare industry innovation, we leverage decades of advanced technical, regulatory, and clinical expertise to help clients manage regulatory and global market access issues and address emerging connected device risks.


Benefit Fund Miami Beach

MDI Consultants

MDI is one of the largest FDA Consultants in the world for:
FDA Quality System | FDA Regulatory Compliance | FDA Clinical Services
FDA Clinical Services to the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, and Food Industries


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American Alliance Fountainebleau
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