Long Island BioTech Assets
Our Bio Business Incubators


Bio Business Incubators are buildings where early-stage firms or product spin-offs from larger firms go to grow and innovate, with essential services supplied.


Benefit Fund Miami Beach

Long Island High Tech Incubator

The Long Island High Technology Incubator (LIHTI) is an organization, affiliated with Stony Brook University dedicated to helping new technologically-innovative bio companies grow.


Benefit Fund Miami Beach

Broad Hollow Bioscience Park

The Broad Hollow Bioscience Park is devoted to supporting the development of biotech start-up companies by utilizing shared facility resources, the resources of the Farmingdale campus, partnering with surrounding businesses and research institutions, and clustering the growing biotech companies along the Route 110 Bioscience Corridor.


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American Alliance Fountainebleau
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