Long Island BioTech Assets
Our Industrial Development Agencies


Our hard-working Industrial Development Agencies that cooperatively help our Bio firms locate and grow.


Benefit Fund Miami Beach

Town of Brookhaven IDA


Building Ideas, Opportunities, and Solutions for your Business.

Home to Brookhaven National Labs and Stony Brook Universities, both “Bio” powerhouses.

Benefit Fund Miami Beach

Suffolk County IDA

The mission of the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) is to promote economic development in the county by helping businesses expand and grow, increase employment opportunities and add to the quality of life for the residents


Benefit Fund Miami Beach

Town of Islip Economic Development

The Town of Islip is a leader in the field of Life Sciences, where the mission to improve the quality of life drives innovative and technological breakthroughs. Along with our research centers and universities, we are home to two nationally renowned hospitals.


Benefit Fund Miami Beach

Nassau County IDA

Home to some of the most prestigious hospitals, cutting-edge biotech labs and well-respected research, device and manufacturing facilities in New York, the demand for frontier technologies and advancements in healthcare has also led to an increase in federal funding that’s been injected into our community. This opens the door to companies interested in pioneering advancements in blockchain, A.I., software and IoT within the healthcare and life sciences industry.


American Alliance Fountainebleau
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